Alliance Priest (Wandering Isle)

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For other versions, see Alliance Priest (disambiguation).
AllianceAlliance Priest
Image of Alliance Priest
Gender Both
Race(s) Human, Dwarf
Level 10
Class Priest
Health 396
Mana 191
Reaction Friendly
Location Wreck of the Skyseeker, Wandering Isle
Status Alive

Alliance Priests can be found at Wreck of the Skyseeker on the Wandering Isle. They are tending to Injured Sailors, and later help heal Shen-zin Su's wound.


  • Greater Heal - Calls upon Holy magic to heal an ally.
  • Smite - Causes Holy damage to the target.



  • I thought I was done for. Thank you!
  • I'm heading to the wound. Try to keep these beasts off me.
  • Keep these creatures off of us while we perform our healing.
  • You handle the beasts, we'll handle the wound.
  • You're a life-saver. I'll do everything I can to heal the wound.

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