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For the scenario version, see Alliance Recruit (character boost).
AllianceAlliance Recruit
Image of Alliance Recruit
Gender Both
Race(s) Human, Worgen, Gnome, Dwarf
Level 100
Reaction Alliance
Location Stormwind Harbor
Achievements zone brokenshore.png

The subject of this article or section takes place just prior to or during the Battle for Broken Shore, leading to the Broken Isles invasion.

Alliance Recruits are level 100 Alliance soldiers located inside the Stormwind Harbor prior to the battle for the Broken Shore. They can be seen engaging in a variety of things, like sleeping, training, reading scrolls about the demons of the Burning Legion or enjoying a last meal before the assault on the Broken Shore. Curiously, they can't be seen during the battle itself.



  • Interestingly, it is possible for one of the female dwarven recruits to have the look of a Wildhammer clan member.


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