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Four of the six planned allied races.

Allied races are a new type of playable race introduced in Battle for Azeroth, which has introduced six new allied races currently. More will come.[1]

Allied races are, at their core, alternate versions of the main races, akin to the long proposed sub-races. They use the core skeleton and animations of an existing race, with altered models.

Players must first bring the new ally into their faction before they become available. Once done, the unlocking is permanent for the account. They will begin at level 20 and have new racial abilities, along with many cosmetic differences to their counterparts. Once leveled to 110, heritage armor becomes unlocked.

Allied races will get full character kits: their own emotes, their own flirts, funnies, exertions, etc.[2]

Alliance Alliance:

Horde Horde:


At BlizzCon 2017, the void elves and Lightforged draenei could be recruited in the Alliance through quests at the Stormwind Embassy, and the Highmountain tauren and nightborne through quests at the Orgrimmar Embassy.[3]

Dark Iron dwarves might be recruited in Kul Tiras and Zandalari trolls in Zandalar.[4]