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Allies in the Shadows (Alliance)

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AllianceAllies in the Shadows
Bleak Hollow

90 (Requires 90)




19g 84s 50c



Speak to Taran Zhu in Bleak Hollow.


The Shado-Pan arrived here before we did, and they are already at work undermining the Thunder King's forces.

I want to you meet with Taran Zhu, the leader of the Shado-Pan, and offer your services on behalf of the Kirin Tor. I doubt he is truly in need of the aid, but the gesture holds importance in itself.


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c


Welcome, <name>.



Use the teleporter on deck to reach Za'Tual and cut through the Zandalari troll-infested territory to reach the Diremoor, the central swamp. An easy option is to head east around Za'Tual and the boneyard to reach the Ihgaluk Crag beach, then cut through Ihgaluk Crag with the aid of the A [90] Skin of the Saurok buff. Once in Diremoor, follow the main loop road to the northern part of the moor to reach the Emperor's Gate, along the main path from the central shrine. Watch out for the wandering Mighty Devilsaur and Drakkari God-Hulk troll parties on the road!

Immediately west (to the left) of the gate is a cave, the Bleak Hollow, which the Shado-Pan has claimed as their base. Speak with Taran Zhu inside:

Lei Shen must not be allowed to marshal his full strength.
A direct assault on the front gates will take time, and the aid of your Alliance and Horde. But if there is one thing we Shado-pan know it is that where there is a wall, there is a way around.
The sewers at the back of this tunnel lead all the way to the fortress entrance. We must hold this entrance.

Taran Zhu's followup quest, N [90] Secrets in the Isle of Thunder, is not part of the main progression, but it is something to do while otherwise questing.


  1. Stage 0:
    1. A [90] Thunder Calls
    2. A [90] The Storm Gathers
    3. A [90] Allies in the Shadows
  2. Stage 1: A [90] The Assault on Shaol'mara
  3. Stage 2: A [90] Tear Down This Wall!
  4. Stage 3: A [90] To the Skies!
  5. Stage 4: A [90] A Bold Idea
  6. Stage 5: A [90] The Fall of Shan Bu
  7. At exalted: A [90R] Securing A Future

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