Alonsus Chapel

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Alonsus Chapel surrounded by the minions of the Scourge.

Alonsus Chapel is a chapel in the Stratholme undead side where the first paladins were created just prior to the Second War. It was presumably named after Alonsus Faol, Uther's mentor and the leader of the Church of Light.

The chapel is located just inside Elders' Square from the Eastwall Gate service entrance, facing the open gate into the western districts.


Uther the Lightbringer, Turalyon, Tirion Fordring, Gavinrad the Dire, and Saidan Dathrohan became the first paladins in this chapel, creating the order of the Knights of the Silver Hand.[1]

Alonsus Chapel in its former glory, as seen in Old Stratholme.

Despite its dingy appearance, it survived both Prince Arthas' purge and the Scourge invasion relatively intact. Before the Cataclysm, the chapel was completely surrounded by zombies and skeletons, and Magistrate Barthilas also stood vigil outside — that was until someone opened the inner gate of the service entrance. An eternal flame burned in this chapel at least long enough to keep the Scourge from overrunning it (and, apparently, to prevent the fires of Stratholme from consuming it) and to prevent its single occupant — the paladin Aurius — from being transformed into a death knight.

In order to complete their final trial to obtain the rank of Master, Blood Knights of Silvermoon City had to enter into Stratholme and extinguish the eternal flame inside of the building. The chapel would then go up in flames and the Blood Knights and their group would have to defeat Aurius and the spirits of five Knights of the Silver Hand to emerge victoriously.

After the liberation of Stratholme, the chapel was said to have become a base for the Argent Crusade.[2]

During the Burning Legion's third invasion, though the city was still in control of the Scourge, the chapel was controlled by the Silver Hand.[3]


  • Although the eternal flame is supposed to keep the Scourge out, the mobs of Stratholme have no trouble following you inside the chapel.
  • According to Of Blood and Honor, the paladin-induction ceremony for Tirion Fordring was held in the Cathedral of Light. It was likely meant to refer to Alonsus Chapel as the cathedral in Stormwind City was at the beginning of the Second War ruined / in control of the orcs.
    • In the RPG there is another religious building within Stratholme called the Temple of Light.