Amani'shi Beast Shaman

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MobAmani'shi Beast Shaman
Image of Amani'shi Beast Shaman
Race Forest troll (Humanoid)
Level 92 Elite
Class Shaman
Health 6,323,000
Affiliation(s) Amani'shi, Amani tribe
Location Royal Amphitheater, Throne of Thunder
Status Killable

Amani'shi Beast Shaman are Amani forest trolls taking part to the fight of Horridon during the last door. They ride atop the powerful Amani Warbears and can be attacked once the Warbear has fallen.


  • Spell nature chainlightning.png  Chain Lightning Interruptible — The Beast Shaman calls upon the spirits of the storms to inflict 96,750 (LFR: 43,000 /Heroic Difficulty: 145,125) Nature damage to a player. Chain Lightning can jump to another player within 5 yards, affecting 3 total targets and increasing damage by 50% per jump. 2 sec cast
  • Spell nature heavypolymorph1.png  Hex of Confusion curse — Hexes a player for 30 sec, giving them a 50% chance to injure themselves for 64,250 (LFR: 32,350 /Heroic Difficulty: 129,000) Physical damage when casting a spell or using an ability.
  • Inv wand 08.png  Lightning Nova Totem Deadly — Places a Lightning Nova totem that emits a pulse of lightning every 3 sec, inflicting 500,000 Nature damage to enemies within 8 yards.

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