Amani Hex Stick

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  • Amani Hex Stick
  • Use: Removes the Amani hex from a forest frog in Zul'Aman.
  • "It be yer trusty anti-hexxor', mon!"
  • Sell Price: 4s

Amani Hex Sticks can be used to turn Forest Frogs in Zul'Aman back into NPCs. These NPCs usually drop a chest, although at least one food vendor exists. When chests are spawned, the group will be prompted to roll on the item inside, which is one of the following:

One charm can be found multiple times, and the charms are not restricted by role.

Hex Sticks does not disappear from the inventory once leaving the instance, and can be traded and put up on the Auction House.


This item drops from the following trolls in Zul'Aman:


There is a possibility is that the frog will become your pet:  [Mojo].[citation needed]  The group does not get to roll on Mojo. The person who used the hex stick receives it in inventory. For this reason it is recommended that someone who already has a Mojo pet should not roll on the hex sticks and be content to roll on the contents of the chests spawned to reward other players' hex stick use. Because you use the Hex Stick which immediately is removed from your inventory, and it is revealed your un-hex frog is actually Mojo, you should have at least 1 slot open. (The slot where the Hex Stick was previous)

Unhexed NPCs

Once the hex is removed from the NPCs they move to the front room of the instance. Many of them wander a little bit. The children hurtle around the chamber as children usually do.

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