Ambassador to the Ancient

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AllianceAmbassador to the Ancient

93 (Requires 93)




18g 90s



Talk to Birchus at Dionor's Demise in Gorgrond.


It appears that a genesaur was killed here not long ago and this growth has sprung up. It is stirring up the local monsters and I fear for our outpost.

There is a strange ancient that wallows in grief here and is not hostile. Perhaps you could "harvest" its story?


You will receive: 18g 90s


What did you learn from the ancient?


So the normal ebb and flow of battle has been disrupted by the saberon. I don't think it wise to leave things as such.

We should see about infiltrating the saberon and setting things right.


  • 14100 XP


Pick up A [93] Plant Pruning before heading out.

At the southern end of the forested area, find a pile of Hardened Thornvine, which can be shredded by players who chose the Lumber Mill to find an Aged Stone Container.

Birchus is found on the east side of the forested area near the north end of the quest area, standing a dozen yards away from the corpse of Dionor the Carnivorous.

I should crush you but what would be the point... I have failed in my duties and can only wait until I am crushed to dust...

Gossip Thank you for not killing me. What duty have you failed?

Dionor was a powerful and bold champion of our kind. He sought to break the ancient lines of battle and take the fight to the enemy.
It ended with his defeat at the hands of several Magnaron... Here he fell, some of his energy creating a small sanctuary for those of us that remained until I could fulfill my duty... but I cannot...

Gossip What were you supposed to do?

When a champion like Dionor falls, a Death Bloom will grow from his husk. I was to collect this Bloom and perform a sacred rite here to release his life force back to the overgrowth.
As I was about to do this I was set upon by fur-covered two legs and they took the Bloom first. We tried to follow but they raised barriers and used fire to drive us back.
So now I stand vigil over my failure until we are all ground into the tortured soil by our great enemy...

Gossip So getting that bloom back might fix things... interesting...

At the northern end of the quest area, Char the Burning, a rare Draenor ancient, has been set alight by some Grom'kar Pyros. Loot Char's corpse for  [Char's Smoldering Fist] and 10-20 [Garrison Resources]. Additionally, to the northwest, elite steam elemental Erosian the Violent is found. An objective of [Gorgrond Monster Hunter], Erosian drops Crystallized Steam, which starts B [93] Trophy of Glory: Erosian.

Alatur has moved from his previous spot to a small cave a hundred or so yards west of Birchus, halfway up the hill.


  1. A [93] Seeking the Scout / H [93] Reagents from Rakthoth
  2. Complete both:
  3. B [93] Shredder vs. Saberon / B [93] Beatface vs. Boulder
  4. Complete both:
  5. B [93] Taking the Death Bloom
  6. B [93] Laying Dionor to Rest

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