Ambo Cash

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AllianceAmbo Cash
Image of Ambo Cash
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 75
Affiliation(s) Valiance Expedition
Location Wintergarde Mausoleum, Dragonblight
Status Alive

Ambo Cash is commanding the soldiers inside Wintergarde Mausoleum. He took some shrapnel in an unfortunate place.


  1. ActivequestA [73] Steamtank Surprise
  2. AvailablequestActivequestA [73] Scattered To The Wind
  3. AvailablequestActivequestA [73] The Chain Gun And You
  4. AvailablequestA [73] Plunderbeard Must Be Found!
  5. ActivequestA [73] Plunderbeard's Journal
  6. AvailablequestA [73] Chasing Icestorm: The 7th Legion Front


"Why I'm not wearing any pants isn't important. Let's just say I took some Scourge shrapnel in the wrong place and leave it at that, ok?"


His name is most likely a double reference:

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