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Amorphic Cognitor

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MobAmorphic Cognitor
Image of Amorphic Cognitor
Race Merciless one (Aberration)
Level 100
Health 48,927
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Lost Veil Anzu, Spires of Arak

Amorphic Cognitors are creatures reminiscent of merciless ones that appear to come out of the Zangar Sea. They are seen killing and mind-controlling the goblins, ogres and pale orcs along the shore of the Spires of Arak.


When entering Lost Veil Anzu during B [100 Daily] Assault on Lost Veil Anzu, a cognitor will leap from the water and attach itself to the character's head. This aberration expresses a desire to "collect information" from as many sentient beings as possible so that it may "evolve" to it's next state. These merciless show remarkable intelligence and ruthlessness, analyzing their enemies and killing all who stand in their way. This includes other merciless ones as they claim that those who die are not fit for evolution. After a certain amount of time spent killing things and bestowing bizarre dark powers on the host (the player), the cognitor will leap away, claiming it has learned all it can from the player and will continue hunting for more hosts.

It is unknown if they serve any of the Old Gods or if the evolutionary qualities shown by the Amorphic Cognitors are shared with the prime Azeroth's merciless.


  • Achievement boss heraldvolazj.png  Amorphic Cognitor — The Amorphic Cognitor attatches itself to the heads of its victims. From this position it can easily steal the thoughts of its host, using them for their own, foul needs. "Consume, interact, explore, EVOLVE!"
  • Spell priest mindspike.png  Psionic Beam — The caster harnesses their stored intellect to blast their enemy with psionic force. The victim suffers Shadow damage.


Amorphic Cognitor whispers: Fascinating, we can sense the energy coursing through you. What could it possibly be for?
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: Fascinating, we will have to remember this.
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: How interesting, we have not tasted the fruits from this cave.
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: How strange, we do not remember how such things came to be here.
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: Let us feed... slay them all!
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: Our power grows...
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: Our powers are ready, we EVOLVE!
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: Such a sad fate for our brother. Evolution's circle is savage, not merciful.
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: Such a sweet taste of our future evolution. We must have more.
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: Such interesting thoughts! Show us more, <race>. Kill the others here! Let us feed on our enemies, exploit their machines and discover the wonders that our home hides!
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: These big ones are strange. Big and slow yes; but with the potential for great intellect just slipping away. (When killing Ogres)
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: These little ones are most curious, always so eager to explore, experiment, and learn. Much like us. (When killing Goblins)
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: These sickly looking creatures are more... pliable than the others. They give themselves over to our brothers. (when killing The Pale)
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: We can't explain why; but we feel great unease around these feathered ones and their cave. (When killing Arakkoa)
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: This one was already host to one like us. They chose a poor host.
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: We are learning! We can see the next phase of our life cycle.
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: We cannot leave our home, <race>. We will continue our life cycle without you.
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: We have chosen... poorly. We shall find another host.
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: We have seen all you can show us, we will seek another to show us more.
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: We hunger... kill more of them! Let us consume their corpses!
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: We recognize this now! This infernal device is responsible for the slaughter of so many of us! Our brothers are going to perish soon, leaving us to thrive in their absence.
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: We sense the deaths of some of our brothers. This is good, they were clearly unfit to evolve.
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: What is this ... thing? What hides inside?
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: What is this? We must know more. Move closer!
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: Why does this make so much noise? What is this thing's purpose?
Amorphic Cognitor whispers: Without the moss here our minds would rot away, leaving us shells of our true potential.

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