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An Eye for Detail

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NeutralAn Eye for Detail

100 (Requires 98)




7g 70s


N Jewelcrafting [100] Truly Outrageous


N Jewelcrafting [100] Swift Vengeance


Visit the patrons of the jewelcrafting shop in Dalaran and report back to Tiffany.


<Name>, if there's one thing I despise, it's slander. A rumor is spreading that one of my recent commissions is a fake.

We need to quell these rumors as quickly as possible.

I need you to visit the customers I recently worked for and examine their gems. If your claim of being a jewelcrafter is true, then you will be able to spot a fake gem from a mile away.

Here's the list of my patrons. Return immediately if you find any truth to these rumors.


You will receive: 7g 70s


I will not let these falsehoods ruin the good name of Tiffany & Co.


What's this?

<Tiffany opens the bag and pulls out a jewel. She examines it and then drops it on the floor, where it shatters.>

These jewels were delivered by...

WINSTON!!! That thief! How dare he switch them out for these... pathetic imitations!



Quest accept
Tiffany Cartier says: I'd recommend talking to Catriona Macrae first. She was my most recent customer.
Catriona Macrae

Go see Catriona Macrae on the second floor of the Legerdemain Lounge.

My husband is always running off without cleaning up after himself, leaving me to clean up after him.
If you see him around Dalaran, could you let him know that I love him more than he loves me?
Gossip I'm here to inspect the jewel Tiffany Cartier crafted for you.
Catriona Macrae says: My jewel? I suppose so. It's over there on the side table.
Examining Catriona's Jewel

Upon close inspection, the jewel appears to be real. This must not be the commission in question.

The next person on the list is Didi the Wrench at the engineering shop.

Didi the Wrench

Like Clockwork is just a bit to the north; you can jump off the nearby balcony if you like.

If you got some springs loose, I can probably show you how to fix 'em right up!
Gossip I'm here to inspect the gem chips Tiffany Cartier gave you.
Didi the Wrench says: Sure thing. They're right over there on that table. They've been working out great!
Examining Gem Chips

The gem chips lying on the table are definitely real. They bear the same imperfections you've seen before.

The last person on the list is Debbi Moore at Curiosities & Moore.

Debbi Moore
Can I interest you in a trinket?
Gossip I'm here to inspect the jewels Tiffany Cartier gave you.
Debbi Moore says: Oh yes, they're right there on the table. There isn't anything wrong with them, is there?
Examining Bag of Jewels

As you expect[sic] each jewel in the bag, your eyes grow wider and wider with surprise.

ALL of these gems are fake! You must take this bag back to Tiffany as quickly as possible.



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