An Important Lesson

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NeutralAn Important Lesson

55 (Requires 52)






Speak to Maximillian of Northshire to learn more about becoming a squire.


What ho, traveler! You must know that you set foot upon the camp of Maximillian of Northshire! Mayhap you have heard tales sung of my many exploits? I can see from the look in your eye that you have. That glint of recognition plays upon your visage like the White Lady's reflection o'er Stonecairne Lake.

It is clear to me that you seek adventure. As you seem able enough, and thoroughly well-intentioned, I would offer to make you my squire.


Your first quest is a simple one, yet it somehow remains unfinished. Endure my words and become my squire.


You please me, <name>. From this day forward, you are no longer a simple beggar, but a squire loyal to Maximillian of Northshire. Prepare yourself for our first sally, good squire, for together we shall plunge our fists elbow-deep into what they call adventure!


You will receive: 40s


Stay your sword and loosen your cap. Before we do battle with our blades, I first have prepared an assault to unleash upon your ears.
Are you prepared?
Gossip Alright, I'm ready.
A squire is the right hand of the knight. As you are already fully aware, hands are especially good at carrying things, and thus your first duty will be to carry my sundries, knickknacks, and other miscellaneous paraphernalia while I dispense justice across the land. To lug around such etcetera is a job unbefitting for a knight.
Gossip Understandable.
Very good. Secondly, you must know that a knight embraces no tenet more tightly than that of chivalry. He clings to his generosity as tightly as he clings to his lance. His valor shines as brightly as his armor. And while his smallsword may be sharp, his manner among allies is soft and courteous.
Now tell me <name>, do you give your oath to hold to the teachings of chivalry and gallantry?
Gossip I give you my oath.
Ha! Did I not just say, good <name>, chivalry and gallantry are the charge of the KNIGHT? You seek only to be a SQUIRE. The colossal burden of chivalry is unfit for the squire, for as I mentioned before, the only colossal burden that you are to bear is that of my belongings.
Gossip Yes, sir.
Gossip This is ridiculous! I don't have to put up with this!
Moving on! As chivalry is the way of the knight, and I am a knight, you must know then that my own intentions are indeed valorous. It is true, I fight for my Lady Doloria, to proclaim her beauty and majesty across all the lands. Any who question her beauty are without a doubt the most vile of enemies, and must be brought to justice.
As I speak, it occurs to me that I am a failure. We have come quite far in the squiring ceremony, yet I have not yet ascertained whether or not you deserve my charity or my righteous fury.
I must know, now, do you agree that my Lady Doloria is unquestionably the fairest Lady across all of Azeroth?
Gossip Umm... yes, yes she is. Unquestionably.
I'm rather glad to hear that. Congratulations, <name>, for you have completed your training. You may now ride beside me into the fray.
Gossip Woo hoo!


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