An Windfur

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NeutralAn Windfur
Image of An Windfur
Gender Female
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 10-35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Dawn's Blossom, Jade Forest
Status Alive
Relative(s) Pandriarch Windfur (ancestor),[1] Master Windfur

An Windfur is a young pandaren that lives in the town of Dawn's Blossom in the Jade Forest. She and her friends believe that the Widow Greenpaw is a witch that turns people into jade. She is determined to rescue her friend Shin, who was captured by the witch, as well as her other friends who are hiding from Jade Guardians in the surrounding Forest Heart. Although good-hearted and brave, she is the one that dared Shin to approach the Jade Witch in the first place.



In Dawn's Blossom:

An Windfur says: Hey mister Ironbelly! The witch in the woods turned my friends into jade. Can you help?
Tzu the Ironbelly says: The Widow Greenpaw is NOT a witch. She just makes very lifelike jade statues.

In Forest Heart:

  • Shin tried to back out of the hozen dare but then we double hozen dared him and he couldn't back out of that.
  • That Jade Witch is super spooky.
Gossip What happened out here?
So the other kids, not me, dared Shin to knock on the Jade Witch's front door. He wouldn't do it though but then someone, not me, hozen dared him.
Shin backed out of that but then someone, not me I swear, double hozen dared him. And not even Shin can get out of a double hozen dare.
He went and knocked on the door but we didn't see what happened. Jade Monsters came at us and we ran away.
I should never have dared Shin...
  • I'm sticking with you. You can be my bodyguard!
  • Oh wow! It was like "Rawwr!" and you were like "Kahpowww!" (on killing a Jade Guardian)
  • I really hope it didn't eat any of my friends before you beat it up. (on killing a Jade Guardian)
  • How did you get up that high? (on saving a Scared Pandaren Cub)
  • I hope the Jade Witch didn't get all of my friends. She is super spooky.
  • You are super brave. Can you teach me to be as brave?

On approaching the Lair of the Jade Witch she runs away:

  • Eep! It's the Jade Witch! I need to hide!

While fighting Widow Greenpaw she reappears:

  • You will NOT turn my friends into stupid statues!

On rescuing Shin:

  • Yay! Shin! You're alive!
  • Thank you so much <name>! If you find me in Dawn's Blossom later I'll give you one of the things we stashed from our adventures.

After defeating Jade Witch, back in Dawn's Blossom:

  • Toya's been looking for you. He's been collecting all our extra jade.
  • It was so neat how you beat up those cats! They went and were like "Grrrrr!" and then you went and "Wabang!" and then you took their stuff.
  • Wow stranger! You really showed that mean old witch who was boss.
  • The grown ups always told us the Jade Witch was just some old lady in the woods who was sad her husband died. But you showed them!
    Only... I didn't tell any of the grown ups 'cause I didn't want to get in trouble.

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