Ancel Mildenhall

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AllianceAncel Mildenhall
Image of Ancel Mildenhall
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Mildenhall Meadery, Stormsong Valley
Status Alive
Relative(s) Rosaline (mother), Raimond (father)

Ancel Mildenhall is a human child located in at Mildenhall Meadery in Stormsong Valley.


  • You know... I think some day, I'd like to be an adventurer too.
  • Ohhhh, please tell me you have some cool new stories to share!
  • Hey there <name>!
  • Dad's been busy as a bee trying to get the farm all fixed up!
  • I can't believe you fought the wendigos and won!!
  • I miss my mom... she hasn't been home in a really long time.
Delivering  [Rosaline's Letter]
Gossip I met your mom. She says hello!
Ahhhh, mom! I miss her a bunch. I really hope she is coming home soon.
Gossip Don't worry, I'm sure she will. Here, she asked me to give you this letter!
Ohhh, wow! Thank you so much, <name>!



Ancel is allergic to bees.[1]

Patch changes


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