Ancestral Swiftness (shaman talent)

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Ancestral Swiftness
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  • Ancestral Swiftness (2 ranks)
  • Enhancement, Tier 2
  • Reduces the cast time of your Ghost Wolf spell by 1/2 sec and increases movement speed by 7/15%. This does not stack with other movement speed increasing effects.
Points required



[Ghost Wolf], movement speed

Ancestral Swiftness is a talent in the Shaman Enhancement tree that reduces the cast time of the [Ghost Wolf] spell and increases movement


While there is no real calculated increase of DPS or HPS for increased movement speed, increased movement speed means less time running and more time doing whatever it is you do, which always equates to more healing or damage done. Furthermore, when fully taken, Ghost Wolf is instant cast allowing you to easily shift in and out of ghost wolf for times when changing your location is necessary, which as stated before is less time moving, more time killing/healing, which is more healing or damage done.

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