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Ancient Brood Mother

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MobAncient Brood Mother
Image of Ancient Brood Mother
Gender Female
Race Imp mother (Demon)
Level 45 Rare Elite
Health 24,407,980
Mana 275,750
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Antoran Wastes
Status Killable

Ancient Brood Mothers are imp mothers located in Antoran Wastes.


  • Fel Blast - Hurls a bolt of fel magic at an enemy, inflicting Fire damage.
  • Imps! - Calls forth several imps to assist the caster.

Objective of


  • Climb inside my mouth, tiny thing.
  • Come, my little imps, dance for mother.
  • Have you come to play with my little imps?
  • I'm so hungry.
  • My children will cook you up nicely.
  • My meal comes to me.
  • The Legion's victory is inevitable, child.
  • You'll die for this!

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