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Ancient Inferno

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MobAncient Inferno
Image of Ancient Inferno
Race Fire elemental (Elemental)
Level 112 Rare Elite
Health 43,376,307
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ring of Conquest, Ashran[35, 50]
Status Killable

Ancient Inferno is a fire elemental located at the Ring of Conquest in Ashran. It is being channeled by four Ashmaul Pyromancers.


  • Lava Burst - Inflicts 97500 to 102500 Fire damage.
  • Molten Firestorm - The Fel Firestorm calls down a hail of Fel Fireballs, leaving a Fel Flame at the location for the duration of the Firestorm.
  • Volcanic Activity - Conjures an Active Volcano at the target's location.

Objective of


  • The world will burn!

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