Ancient Male Vrykul

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MobAncient Male Vrykul
Image of Ancient Male Vrykul
Gender Male
Race Vrykul (Humanoid)
Level 61
Location Wyrmskull Village, Howling Fjord

He is involved in the following quest:


Ancient Male Vrykul says: So then we too are cursed?
Ancient Male Vrykul points to the infant.
Ancient Female Vrykul sobs.
Ancient Male Vrykul says: The gods have forsaken us! We must dispose of it before Ymiron is notified!
Ancient Female Vrykul says: NO! You cannot! I beg of you! It is our child!
Ancient Male Vrykul says: Then what are we to do, wife? The others cannot find out. Should they learn of this aberration, we will all be executed.
Ancient Female Vrykul says: I... I will hide it. I will hide it until I find it a home, far away from here...

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