Ancient Mogu Guardian

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MobAncient Mogu Guardian
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Gender Male
Race Terracotta warrior (Elemental)
Level 90 Elite
Health 31.5 M
Location Emperor's Gate, Isle of Thunder [53.1, 47.1]
Status Killable


  • Mantle of the Thunder King — Surrounds the caster with Lightning, dealing 75,000 Nature damage every 2 sec to all enemies within 40 yards. 3 sec cast. Triggers...
    • Mantle of the Thunder King 60 yd range — Blasts an enemy with lightning, inflicting Nature damage. 2 sec cast. Hits for 67.5-82.5K Nature and increases Nature damage taken by 20% a stack.
  • Floor tiles
    • Nullify Magic — Dispels all magic on the trespasser of the Mogu rune. 1 sec cast. Cloud tiles
    • Ancient Flames — Inflicts 92500 to 107500 Fire damage to an enemy every 2 sec. Instant. Fire tiles
    • Mogu Power — Grants the power of the Ancient Mogu, increasing all damage and healing done by 50% while standing on the Ancient Rune. Instant. Lightning tiles


The Ancient Mogu Guardian is summoned from the Lightning Ritual Stone just inside the Emperor's Gate between the Beast Pens and the Conqueror's Terrace.

Try to stand on lightning tiles for the Mogu Power buff, and stay off the cloud tiles, which Nullify Magic, and the fire tiles, which call down Ancient Flames.





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