Ancient Orc Ancestor

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NeutralAncient Orc Ancestor
Image of Ancient Orc Ancestor
Race Orc (Undead)
Level 67 - 68
Health 2,800 - 6,200
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Nagrand

Ancient Orc Ancestors are spirits of orcs that walk in Nagrand from Orc ancestral villages to Oshu'gun, drawn to it. They are relevant to the Horde-only Hero of the Mag'har quest chain. A quest early in the chain, H [68] Material Components, allows Horde players to see them. Players cannot interact with them, except during the quest H [68] What the Soul Sees, but the bulk of the quest chain deals with them leaving the villages for Oshu'gun.

They can also be seen by anyone of either faction who has completed the quest N [67] Vision of the Dead. The  [Multiphase Spectrographic Goggles] used in N [70 Daily] The Multiphase Survey also allow the ancient orc ancestors to be seen.


  • "Ancestors watch over you, kind one..."
  • "It cannot be..."
  • "It comes for you..."
  • "Thank you..."
  • "The cold embrace awaits..."
  • "The spirits call... I am consumed."
  • "What is happening to me?"
  • "What is this trickery? I... ARGH..."
  • "What... What have I become? Arrrgghhh..."
  • "What will become of us when it falls?"
  • "Cannot control... It draws me in... The void grows..."
  • "I remember everything..."
  • "The spirits call... I am consumed."
  • "It is dying. It is dying. It is dying."
  • "The pain is unbearable."

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