And a Heavy Fist

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NeutralAnd a Heavy Fist
Greenwood Trickster

86 (Requires 85)




Item level 384 gloves
9g 80s


N [86] A Proper Weapon


N [86] Flying Colors (if Wu done last)


Slay 10 Greenwood Tricksters in the Waxwood Forest.


The greenwood sprites in the Waxwood Forest to the west pose no direct threat to us, this is true. However, their numbers have increaed as of late, as have their wily antics.

Part of our duty as wardens of this forst is to maintain the balance. Your duty is to do so by returning these sprites to the earth.


Depending on your class and specialization you will get one of the following items:
Inv gauntlets cloth panda b 02.png [Ambermist Gloves] Inv glove leather panda b 02.png [Blackthicket Gloves]
Inv gloves mail panda b 02blue.png [Jade Witch Gauntlets] Inv glove plate panda b 01.png [Glass Lake Gloves]
Inv gauntlets cloth panda b 02.png [Silkwood Handguards] Inv glove leather panda b 02.png [Deepwoods Gloves]
Inv gloves mail panda b 02blue.png [Fox Grove Gauntlets] Inv glove plate panda b 01.png [Thunderwood Gauntlets]
Inv glove plate panda b 01.png [Jade Tiger Gauntlets]

You will also receive: 9g 80s


Very recently, I was walking in the Waxwood, when one of these sprites got on all fours behind my knees, evading my notice. Soon afterward, a second sprite approached me from the front, shoving me forcefully in the chest. Unaware of the first sprite, I stepped backwards, only to stumble on his prostrate form and fall, embarrassingly, onto my backside.

So yes, I have a vested interest in this assignment.


Thank you, <name>. The sprites' numbers will return in several days' time, but for now, the balance is maintained.


  • 110,000 XP


Pick up N [86] A Strong Back and N [86] A Steady Hand before heading out. Exit to the nortwest, either through or around the Ring of Inner Focus, and pick up N [86] Burning Bright from Guard Shan Long before entering the Waxwood.

Quickly turn north in the Waxwood to reach Mother Wu's house and pick up a Boiling Cauldron.

Mother Wu says: Did my son send you? There's plenty of stew to go around. Please, help yourself.

Interact with a Boiling Cauldron to start dragging it along. It is lvl 87 with 214,000 health. It moves at run speed, so stay off mounts. On the way back, Greenwood Tricksters are attracted by the smell and will attack the cauldron, so take this opportunity to kill them and turn in to Wu.

  • Greenwood Trickster says: What I smell?
  • Greenwood Trickster says: Smell good!
  • Greenwood Trickster says: Want to eat the stew! Want to eat the stew!
  • Greenwood Trickster says: Stew, stew, stew stew...
  • Greenwood Trickster says: Gimme gimme gimme...

Head back out and complete the other quests. The tricksters are closer to the monastary, while the blushleaf and tigers are further away. Blushleaf can be gathered in groups of up to ~15.


Optional breadcrumb: N [85] Tian Monastery

  1. N [86] The High Elder
  2. N [86] A Courteous Guest
  3. N [86] The Great Banquet
  4. Complete all of:
    • Making a weapon
    1. N [86] Groundskeeper Wu
    2. N [86] A Proper Weapon
    3. N [86] A Strong Back, N [86] A Steady Hand, N [86] And a Heavy Fist
    • Perfecting the form
    1. N [86] Your Training Starts Now
    2. N [86] Perfection
    3. N [86] Attention
    • Single-target and group combat
    1. N [86] Becoming Battle-Ready
    2. N [86] Zhi-Zhi, the Dextrous & N [86] Husshun, the Wizened
    3. N [86] Xiao, the Eater
    4. N [86] A Test of Endurance
    5. N [86] The Rumpus
  5. N [86] Flying Colors

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