Anglers Fishing Raft

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  • Anglers Fishing Raft
  • Binds when picked up
  • Toy
  • Use: You can raft across water. Requires Revered with The Anglers and a Fishing skill of 525.
  • Requires Pandaria Fishing (1)
  • Requires The Anglers - Revered
  • "Great for fishing, but takes on water... so don't stay out too long!"
  • Sell Price: 250g

Anglers Fishing Raft is sold by Nat Pagle at Anglers Wharf in Krasarang Wilds for 1000g. It requires revered reputation with the Anglers to purchase.


  • This item gives a 10-minute buff allowing players the ability to raft across water.
  • Jumping while rafting will paddle the raft, allowing players to move up to 130% faster.
  • The buff is removed if players are attacked or mount up.
  • There is no cooldown.

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