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Ango'rosh Belt

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Ango'rosh Belt is an uncommon world drop item; it can be dropped by level 58–71 mobs in The Burning Crusade zones.

Random enchantments

Item Suffix Stats Bonus
of the Elder +22 Stamina, +15 Intellect, +6 Mana Per 5 sec.
of the Whale +29 Stamina, +19 Spirit
of the Owl +19 Intellect, +19 Spirit
of Spirit +29 Spirit
of the Falcon +19 Intellect, +19 Agility
of Power +58 Attack Power
of Frost Protection +29 Stamina, +19 Frost Resistance
of Arcane Protection +29 Stamina, +19 Arcane Resistance
of the Wolf +19 Spirit, +19 Agility
of Nature Protection +29 Stamina, +19 Nature Resistance
of the Monkey +29 Stamina, +19 Agility
of the Champion +22 Stamina, +15 Strength, +15 Defense Rating
of the Sorcerer +22 Stamina, +17 Spell Damage and Healing, +15 Intellect
of the Beast +22 Stamina, +15 Strength, +15 Agility
of the Ancestor +21 Strength,+11 Critical Strike Rating,+13 Stamina
of Shadow Protection +29 Stamina, +19 Shadow Resistance
of Fire Protection +29 Stamina, +19 Fire Resistance
of the Boar +19 Strength, +19 Spirit
of Defense +29 Defense Rating
of the Eagle +19 Intellect, +29 Stamina
of Stamina +43 Stamina
of Healing +63 Healing
of the Bear +29 Stamina, +19 Strength
of the Gorilla +19 Intellect, +19 Strength
of the Tiger +19 Strength, +19 Agility
of Agility +29 Agility
of Strength +29 Strength
of Intellect +29 Intellect

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