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Angus Stormbrew

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NeutralAngus Stormbrew
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Gender Male
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 45 Elite
Class Rogue
Resource Energy
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Felsoul Hold, Suramar; Silithus: The Wound
Status Alive
Companion(s) Brambley Morrison

Angus Stormbrew is a dwarf who came to fight the Burning Legion on the Broken Isles as soon as he heard about their third invasion, but eventually ended up captured by the demons and was held captive in Felsoul Hold.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Angus had in fact let himself be captured in order to rescue a dear friend of his, Brambley Morrison, but a felhunter ate the key to his cage.[1]

Angus thus asked an order hall leader to retrieve it for him. The felhunter had expulsed it through fecal matter. The order hall leader freed Angus who then told them about his friend Brambley. Angus and him had been fighting side by side since the Third War. When the Burning Legion invaded, they didn't think twice about coming to the Broken Isles. Unfortunately, Brambley got himself captured during the battle, and was detained within the Halls of the Eclipse. The order leader and Angus entered the Halls, only to find an empty cage. Selthaes Starsong, a nightfallen that was being detained in a cage next to Brambley's, explained that he had been taken by the demons. He would show them where Brambley went if they freed him. They thus retrieved the key, which was left hanging on a wall, and freed Starsong.[2]

To thank them, Starsong gave the order leader a precious bauble of his, that he had strangely managed to keep hidden after being captured.[3] He kept his word to the order leader and to Angus, who he described as "grotesquely hairy". Starsong revealed that Brambley had been taken to the felstalker pits beneath the great Burning Legion command ship, the Lightbreaker.[2]

Having no time to waste, they rushed to the pits and into Felmaw Cavern. At the entrance, they found Brambley's helm, and came to the conclusion that it was already too late for him.[4] Angus claimed that he couldn't leave Brambley here and asked the order leader one last favor, to help him find the rest of Brambley so he could take his remains back home, and give him a proper burial.[5]

As they entered the cavern, they collected a skull, a left arm, a tibia, a right arm, and Brambley's dagger. They ended up facing a fel beast, Mangelrath, which was lying on the floor, asleep. Angus decided that they had to slay the demonic beast, to avenge Brambley. But, above the beast, was hanging from the ceiling Brambley himself. After having slain the beast and freed Brambley, the latter asked Angus what he was doing with all these bones. He admitted that he believed they were his, to which Brambley replied that one of them wasn't even human. Brambley safe, they could return to the exit and leave the cavern.[6]

Angus at some point adventured to Silithus, but was found in quite a predicament as he needed to defecate but did not have anything to wipe himself.[7]





The demons o' the Burnin' Legion have got another thing comin' if they think ol' Angus is cooked! I've got more tricks up mah' sleeve than a Dalaran mage!

Aggro a mob
  • Don't worry, I'll go easy on ye!
  • Now, THAT'S a face worth punching!
  • Och! This one fell off the ugly tree an' hit my fists on the way down!
  • Och, what happened to yer face? MAH FISTS!
  • Which fist do ye want? How about both!
  • Who needs an axe when ye've got fists o' steel!
  • Who ordered a knuckle sandwich?!
  • Ye wanna fight, eh? I'll give ye a fight!


This section includes speculation on characters that might be related, usually because they may share a last name. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

He may be related to Elka Stormbrew.

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