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For the Mists of Pandaria blood energy, see anima.
Concept art detailing its manifestations.

Anima is a new game mechanic introduced in Shadowlands. You will be gathering anima from various sources and you can put it towards a bunch of different ends, and one of those is powering up your soulbind.


Anima—aka soul essence or soulstuff[1]—is a fundamental resource that infuses the Shadowlands,[2] akin to mana. Each mortal soul that enters the Shadowlands brings with it anima, the product of all of the soul's experiences and actions in life. Great souls—whether good or evil—have a lot of anima, while those who have lived humbler lives have less. Anima acts as the lifeblood of the afterlife, making trees grow and rivers flow, and is the source that is drawn upon to conduct the magic of death.[3][4] It flows through many creatures, but is also traded, bartered for, and fought over,[2] and even the smallest creatures in the Shadowlands rely on anima to survive.[5] The different realms of the Shadowlands were once connected by streams of anima.[6] In recent years, however, the machine of death has been broken, and all souls who enter the Shadowlands now pour directly into the Maw instead of being distributed to the other realms. As a result, the Maw grows larger and more powerful while other parts of the Shadowlands have become deprived of anima and started withering.[3][4] This drought has caused the anima streams to dry up, cutting the realms off from one another and breeding fear and mistrust among the inhabitants.[6]


  • In Bastion, the stewards create anima-fueled guardians known as Centurions.[7]
  • In Ardenweald, anima is drawn in by the region's massive dream trees[1] and night fae and subsequently infused into nature spirits awaiting rebirth. Ardenweald has suffered more keenly from soul-drought than any other realm in the Shadowlands, and the night fae's Winter Queen must now choose which groves and souls will be fed the last precious drops of anima and which will fade away forever.[8]
  • In Revendreth, the venthyr harvest anima from prideful and sinful souls.[9]

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