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Image of Ankha
Race Spirit beast (Beast)
Level 85 Rare
Health 232,470
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Regrowth, Mount Hyjal
Pet family Spirit beast

Ankha is a frostsaber spirit beast that wanders The Regrowth in Mount Hyjal. It has the same look as Gondria and Magria, but with a green skin. It was added to the game in Patch 4.2.0.


  • 2,230 - 3,313 Damage
  • 11,092 Armor
  • Diet: Meat, Fish
  • Tamable (Exotic)

Attacks and abilities

  • Ability warrior riposte.png  Metal CleaverPhysical. Damage dealt increased by target's armor. (The great spirit cats of the Regrowth are capable of cleaving through metal. Deals additional damage to armored targets.)

Taming Challenge tactics

If you wish to tame Ankha or Magria, the most important thing to do is TAKE OFF ALL of your armor equipment! Their Metal Cleaver ability allows them to one-shot anyone not wearing cloth. You can then buff yourself with extra health from food or scrolls to help make up for being naked.


Inv misc gem azuredraenite 02.png [Crystalline Tear of Loyalty]


You must have phased The Inferno into The Regrowth, by completing the quest N [81] Aessina's Miracle in order to see Ankha or Magria.

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