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Ankoan concept art shown at BlizzCon 2018.
An ancient species of deep sea warriors, the Ankoan traverse the deepest and most dangerous parts of the ocean.
— In-game faction description

The Ankoan are an offshoot of jinyu[1] that hunt in the deep seas. Over the generations, they have been nearly hunted to extinction by the naga. So few of them remain[2][3] that they know they can never rebuild their tribe's population, and those who remain have dedicated their lives to slaying naga.[2][4] When Alliance forces arrive in Nazjatar, they befriend the Ankoan while the Horde allies with the Unshackled.[2][4]


The Ankoan are former jinyu who left Pandaria a long time ago. Now their clans hunt in the depths of the ocean.[1] They have been nearly hunted to extinction by the naga. The Waveblade clan has been fighting back against the naga, and recently took the fight to the naga's doorstep in Nazjatar after the naga killed the Waveblade leader.[5]

The Ankoan worship Neptulon.[6][7] They have a natural affinity for the sea, so training local wildlife like waverays was a natural strategy in their battles against the naga.[8]



Notes and trivia

  • The ankoan resemble a cross between jinyu and deep sea murlocs.
  • Ankoan use the jinyu animation skeleton, which itself is a modified male night elf skeleton.
  • Their sound files are named "deep_jinyu".

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