Ankoan Burial Shrine

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An Ankoan Burial Shrine.

The Ankoan Burial Shrines are ankoan burial sites found throughout Nazjatar. In total there are 13 shrines, each with its own text and look.

There is also a "burial shrine" named the Shrine of Utama, and is found in Utama's Stand. This one also shares the looks of Ankoan Burial Shrines, which all look a bit different.

Something of interest is that a shrine can have either 8 or 10 holes in them. And at each shrine there is a different pattern in how the "knots" on the Burial Shrine is tied together. Sometimes even one knot is tied with a string to another hole on the other side of the board. There is also 2 different colors of each knot; yellow and blue.

What all this means is currently unknown and may be tied into a secret.


Shrine of Utama[68, 36]

Upon this spot fell the warrior Utama,

surrounded by the Kil'Karrok[sic] hordes.

Ankoan Burial Shrine — Anewa[29, 48]

Here rests Seeker Anewa of the Waveblade Clan.

Who sought answers to questions not yet asked.

And slew the unknown with the blade of wisdom.

Ankoan Burial Shrine — Oathbreaker[38, 49]

"Here rots the Oathbreaker.

Who betrayed his clan out of fear and frailty.

And whose name will forever be forgotten."

Ankoan Burial Shrine — Okau[71, 49]

"Here rests Gambler Okau of the Waveblade Clan.

Who knew the odds of every risk he ever took.

And never cared if they were against him."

Ankoan Burial Shrine — Onatu[71, 49]

"Here rests Sentry Onatu of the Waveblade Clan.

Whose watchful gaze remained vigilant until the end.

And whose final warning saved us all."

Ankoan Burial Shrine — Inaku[82, 35]

"Here rests Reefstalker Inaku of the Waveblade Clan.

Who hunted the naga and struck fear into their hearts.

May her memory follow them to their graves."

Ankoan Burial Shrine — Oni[67, 34]

"Here rests Avenger Oni of the Waveblade Clan.

Who took ten lives for each one we lost.

And for whom we took a hundred in return."

Ankoan Burial Shrine — Aiga[52, 35]

"Here rests Watersmith Aiga of the Waveblade Clan.

Whose weapons always struck true.

And carry on her legacy with every strike."

Ankoan Burial Shrine — Okoro[52, 55]

"Here rests Duelist Okoro of the Waveblade Clan.

Who fought each of his enemies with a duelist's respect.

Even when facing one thousand at once."

Ankoan Burial Shrine — Izaka[28, 35]

"Here rests Tidecaller Izaka of the Waveblade Clan.

Who spoke with the voice of Neptulon himself.

And whose words still echo within the depths."

Ankoan Burial Shrine — Ahu[48, 65]

"Here rests Strider Ahu of the Waveblade Clan.

Who braved the currents of distant depths.

And who always returned to us in the end."

Ankoan Burial Shrine — Itoa[48, 76]

"Here rests Guardian Itoa of the Waveblade Clan.

Who never once failed to protect her charge.

And whom not even the tides could break."

Ankoan Burial Shrine — Eko[68, 41]

"Here rests Chronicler Eko of the Waveblade Clan.

Who recorded the deeds of our greatest heroes.

And who earned her rightful place among them."

Ankoan Burial Shrine — Otaka[53, 40]

"Here rests Brawler Otaka of the Waveblade Clan.

Whose fists spoke as loud as her words.

And silenced the boasts of Azshara's brutes."

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