Annals of the Silver Hand

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  • Annals of the Silver Hand
  • Quest Item
  • "A worn volume, believed lost, containing an account of the deeds of the Knights of the Silver Hand."
The lootable object.

The Annals of the Silver Hand are found within the Scarlet Bastion of Stratholme. It sits on a table behind Instructor Galford. [27, 75]

As a quest objective


  • Although it's not listed as Unique, players can only carry one book.
  • Instructor Galford and the book are located in the Scarlet Bastion, in the small room opposite Balnazzar.
  • The book may be looted multiple times without having to reset the instance, making this quest a very fast way to gain Argent Dawn rep. Simply turn in and re-take the quest, then run back through the cleared instance. It also helps to kill Balnazzar on the first run through, as Argent Crusaders will spawn after his death and keep most of the remaning mobs busy.

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