Annals of the Silver Hand (quest)

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NeutralAnnals of the Silver Hand

46 (Requires 42)




+2000 Argent Dawn



The lootable object.

Annals of the Silver Hand is a repeatable quest, offered by Lord Raymond George at Light's Hope Chapel, which requires the player to enter Stratholme and retrieve a book from the Scarlet enclave. Each turn-in rewards 2000 reputation with the Argent Dawn faction.


Recover a lost volume of the Annals of the Silver Hand from Stratholme.


Do you know who the Knights of the Silver Hand were? They were the original paladins of the Light, and from their ranks came knights who would later join the Argent Dawn or the Scarlet Crusade. Though many have gone astray, they still possess valuable relics of the Silver Hand.

Deep in Stratholme, under the watchful eye of Instructor Galford, volumes of the Annals of the Silver Hand survive. Any volumes you could recover would be a fitting addition to the rededicated Light's Hope Chapel, don't you think?


Have you recovered any of the lost histories of the Silver Hand?


This is indeed one of the lost volumes! Tyrosus will be most pleased when he learns of your find.



Since the fall of the Lich King, the Argent Crusade has replaced the Argent Dawn in the Plaguelands of Lordaeron. So that players can continue to grind rep with the Argent Dawn, Raymond George offers this repeatable quest along with the repeatable N [42D] Aberrations of Bone.

Players must begin the long quest chain with Fiona by the Thondroril River in the Eastern Plaguelands. After completing N [42] Argent Call: The Noxious Glade, Lord Raymond will offer the repeatable quests.

If selecting specific dungeons in the Dungeon Finder, this quest is completed in the Main Gate instance, not the Service Entrance instance.

Instructor Galford and the book are located in the Scarlet Bastion, in the small room opposite Balnazzar. [27, 75]

The book may be looted multiple times without having to reset the instance, making this quest a very fast way to gain Argent Dawn rep. Simply turn in and re-take the quest, then run back through the cleared instance. It also helps to kill Balnazzar on the first run through, as Argent Crusaders will spawn after his death and keep most of the remaning mobs busy.

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