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110 (Requires 110)




1g 94s



Find Jubeka Shadowbreaker within Azsuna.


Have you noticed a change in Jubeka's demeanor? I know she's not the warmest of warlocks, but I fear she's been more withdrawn than usual.

I imagine her mind lingers on Kanrethad, the council's one-time leader. Jubeka was steadfast in her commitment to keeping him banished, until the Burning Legion took her as their prisoner.

His fate is unknown, and it's clearly troubling our friend. The last thing she said to me, was that she felt his presence in Azsuna. Don't let her travel this path alone.


You will receive: 1g 94s


Shinfel should not have told you of my suspicions. This is my burden to bear.

Nevertheless, I am glad you are here. It would seem my fears are founded.



On approach
Jubeka Shadowbreaker is found standing next to a cage holding a cultist.
Occultist Prisoner says: It is not too late to join us...
We must keep Kanrethad banished, no matter what the cost.
Gossip Who is Kanrethad?
He once held your position, Netherlord. Kanrethad was the founder of our council.
He brought us together, despite our differences, and lead us in pursuit of greater power than we had ever known.
It was never enough for him though. After Illidan's demise at the Black Temple, Kanrethad had become obsessed with the powers he witnessed there. He wanted to control demonic energies as Illidan did, and was prepared to do so at any cost.
I swore an oath to Kanrethad, that should he be lost to the powers he tried to control, that I would banish him. It is an oath I must keep, for him, and for everyone else.


  1. N Warlock [110] Answers Unknown
  2. N Warlock [110] Cult Culling & N Warlock [110] Stealing the Source of Power
  3. N Warlock [110] Expending Fel Energy
  4. N Warlock [110] Informing the Council
  5. N Warlock [110] To the Broken Shore
  6. N Warlock [110] The Fate of Kanrethad
  7. N Warlock [110] Crystal Containment
  8. N Warlock [110] Champion: Kanrethad Ebonlocke

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