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Antaen Light-Breaker
Submerged Antaen

Antaen are massive demons found on Argus. They are so large that Illidan Stormrage and Prophet Velen mistook the top of one's head for a siege weapon.[1] Two are similarly submerged in front of the Xenedar, using their horns as portals to summon Soulripper Warfiends.




  • The antaen model is named Goliath in the files.
  • The early concept art named "Argus Dreadlord Concept"[2] eventually became the Antaen.
  • They use the animations of Ragnaros' model from the Firelands encounter.
  • Antaen may be a reference to The RealmWalker from Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. It was a strange extra-planar creature with a portal on its back similar to Antaen horns.