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Antoran Wastes storyline

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Zone map

The Antoran Wastes are the third and last zone of Argus.

Its main feature is the Antorus, the Burning Throne raid instance. As of patch 7.3.0 the zone itself is relatively barren on story content; most of it is dedicated to world quests.

The Assault Begins (finale)

This quest chain completes the long "The Assault Begins" part of the [You Are Now Prepared!] achievement. To unlock it, you first need to complete the Krokuun storyline up to and including N [110] An Offering of Light.

  1. N [110] The Burning Heart
  2. N [110] Securing a Foothold
  3. Depending on which quest hub is available this week:
    • either
    1. N [110] Reinforce Light's Purchase
    2. N [110] Sizing Up The Opposition
    • or
    1. N [110] Reinforce the Veiled Den
    2. N [110] Sizing Up The Opposition

The last quest gives "The Assault Begins" achievement credit and unlocks the next part of the Krokuun storyline, starting with N [110] The Speaker Calls.

Antorus, the Burning Throne

This short quest chain, which sends the player into the Antorus, the Burning Throne raid, is the conclusion of the patch 7.3 storyline.

  1. N [110] The Burning Throne
  2. N [110R] The Death of a Titan
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