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The Anub'ar are a group of undead nerubians, located around Icemist Village and within Azjol-Nerub.


From the Pit of Narjun the Anub'ar nerubians assaulted and ultimately razed the taunka village of Icemist.[1] During the fall of Icemist the Anub'ar captured the High Chieftain of the taunka Roanauk Icemist and bound him in magical chains in the middle of Icemist Village.[2] With Icemist in their control the Anub'ar were joined by cultists whose suits emit fumes that corrupt everything in their surroundings.[3] The cultists are led by High Cultist Zangus.[4][5]

Anub'ar forces took to ambushing Horde caravans heading toward Westwind Refugee Camp, causing Blood Guard Roh'kill to request aid in thinning their numbers.[6] The Anub'ar also constructed blightbeasts to strike at the Horde soldiers at the Angrathar the Wrathgate.[7]

After the taunka ally with the Horde, the Horde strikes back against the Anub'ar in order to take back Icemist and free High Chieftain Icemist.[8][9]

Within Azjol-Nerub Anub'ar forces are seen fighting Hadronox, presumably in an effort to turn it into a weapon of the Scourge similar to Maexxna in Naxxramas.

The Azjol-anak, a group of living nerubians, enlisted the aid of adventurers in reclaiming Azjol-Nerub and putting an end to Anub'arak.[10]