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The Anub'ar are a group of undead nerubians, located around Icemist Village and within Azjol-Nerub.


From the Pit of Narjun the Anub'ar nerubians assaulted and ultimately razed the taunka village of Icemist.[1] During the fall of Icemist the Anub'ar captured the High Chieftain of the taunka Roanauk Icemist and bound him in magical chains in the middle of Icemist Village.[2] With Icemist in their control the Anub'ar were joined by cultists whose suits emit fumes that corrupt everything in their surroundings.[3] The cultists are led by High Cultist Zangus.[4][5]

Anub'ar forces took to ambushing Horde caravans heading toward Westwind Refugee Camp, causing Blood Guard Roh'kill to request aid in thinning their numbers.[6] The Anub'ar also constructed blightbeasts to strike at the Horde soldiers at the Angrathar the Wrathgate.[7]

After the taunka ally with the Horde, the Horde strikes back against the Anub'ar in order to take back Icemist and free High Chieftain Icemist.[8][9]

Within Azjol-Nerub Anub'ar forces are seen fighting Hadronox, presumably in an effort to turn it into a weapon of the Scourge similar to Maexxna in Naxxramas.

The Azjol-anak, a group of living nerubians, enlisted the aid of adventurers in reclaiming Azjol-Nerub and putting an end to Anub'arak.[10]




  • The Anub'ar are likely named after and led by Anub'arak, as "Anub'ar" is the first six letters of his name and all the undead nerubians around him have this title. They are named similarly to the Nerub'ar, but it is unknown which came first. The Hath'ar are also have the same suffix.