Anub'ar Webspinner

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MobAnub'ar Webspinner
Image of Anub'ar Webspinner
Race Nerubian (Undead)
Level 72 - 81 Elite
Health 30,752 - 52,130
Mana 7,500 - 8,979
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Azjol-Nerub

Anub'ar Webspinners can be found in Azjol-Nerub.


  • Web Shot-Deals 1500/4000 Nature damage and reduces movement speed by 10%. Lasts 5 sec. Stacks up to 7 times.
  • Web Wrap-Channels a beam of webbing, rendering the target unable to move for 3 sec. When the effect ends, the target will be encased in webs, stunning them for 10 sec. If the webs surrounding the targets are killed, the target will be released.

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