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This article is about the young girl in the Grizzly Hills. For the dark ranger of the Forsaken, see Dark Ranger Anya.
Image of Anya
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 12
Health 664
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Grizzly Hills trappers
Location In a cave by Camp Oneqwah, Grizzly Hills
Status Alive
Relative(s) Mikhail (father, deceased), Sasha (older sister)

Anya is a little human trapper girl in Grizzly Hills.

Anya lived in Silverbrook with her father and older sister Sasha until one day a shadow-worshiping group called the "wolfcult" arrived. The villagers were reluctant to embrace the cult at first, but sympathizers sprung up gradually among town residents. Unsettled by this and fearing for his daughters' lives, Mikhail sent his daughters away from Silverbrook while he attempted to reason with the other villagers. The wolfcult members killed Mikhail and took Anya. Sasha was captured by one of Krenna's top sergeants, Bonesnap, in the outskirts of town and was going to be executed.

Soon Sasha was freed by the Alliance or the Horde adventurers.

Later Sasha met with a fortune teller named Ruuna the Blind. There she was granted a vision of Arugal's resurrection by the San'layn. After that she went to Solstice Village, where Arugal was sent after his revival.

At the White Pine Trading Post with help of adventurers she questioned Anatoly and found out where Anya, her sister, was held captive. Together with adventurers, she rescued Anya and learned that Arugal resided in Bloodmoon Isle. Later Sasha assisted adventurers in taking Arugal out.


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