Anything But Water

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AllianceAnything But Water

84 (Requires 84)


A [84] A Steady Supply, A [84] Home Again


Check the cellar Eoin Dunwald mentioned for a keg.


Look, buddy. Either you're here to help me find some drink, or you're in the way.

Why don't ya go down to the old storehouse and look downstairs. I had a mighty suspicion that ol' bookkeeper up in there was sneaking sips between pages. I bet he has a keg in his basement!

If ya find anything, come straight back to me! No dallyin'... this is urgent!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv shoulder leather cataclysm b 02.png [Aledrinker Shoulderpads] Inv bracer 81.png [Brewtaster Bracers]
Inv chest plate cataclysm b 02.png [Keg-Sized Chestplate]

You will also receive: 13g 15s 50c (at max level)


You stink of sober! Find me some drink!


Donnely's belly! That's more like it. Good to not be dyin' of the thirst again.

Here, have some. Good ol Eoin's never so impolite as ta not share!


Fly back to the ruins. At [52.5, 70.3] north of the road just outside the building is a sign:

Wildhammer Ale Inside. Private Stash.

Intriguing. Head inside to find another:

Ale downstairs. Do not touch. Sincerely, not the bad guys.

Well, that second sign looks trustworthy. It clearly said "not the bad guys"! So, head downstairs.

It's a trap! Three Twilight Shadeprowlers step out of the shadows.

Twilight Shadowprowler says: You're ours now, <race>.
Suddenly, Eoin jumps in the fray!
Eoin yells: Keep your hands of me ale, ya unclean pint-hatin' mongrels!
Eoin one-shots the prowlers near him. Seeing this, one shadeprowler makes a run for it!
Eoin yells: An' where you think you're goin', sonny?!
Eoin takes off after him.

Clean up the area and then loot one of the Sacred Ale Taps. Eoin is upstairs, standing over the corpse of the runner.


  1. A [84] Dunwalds Don't Die
  2. Complete all of:
  3. A [84] Home Again
  4. A [84] Doing It Like a Dunwald

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