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For the Burning Crusade item, see  [Apexis Crystal].

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  • Apexis Crystal
  • The enduring legacy of a lost civilization, Apexis crystals contain untold reserves of magical power.

Apexis Crystals are taking the place of [Valor Points] in Warlords of Draenor for the purposes of non-raid armor acquisition. Rare-quality items are purchased with just Apexis Crystals, and upgrades can be acquired by trading in an item and/or Apexis Crystals to get a higher-quality version. The initial tier of Apexis Crystal items is rare quality at item level 630, the first upgrade is epic quality at item level 645, and the second upgrade is epic quality at item level 655. Baleful items begin at 650, and can be expowered to 695.


Apexis crystals were created by the ancient Anhari and Skalaxi orders of the Apexis to contain knowledge in lieu of scrolls or tomes, and just touching one is enough to gain the knowledge from within them. It is even possible to see the memories of the one who constructed the crystal.[1] In the slowly expanding Gorian Empire, Apexis crystals became highly prized and eagerly sought out by ogre sorcerers.[2]

One configuration of stars causes an unusual vibration in the crystals strewn across Draenor, relics of the ancient Apexis. Some swear that the crystals will multiply when left unattended beneath the night sky, but none have seen the phenomenon firsthand. A skilled diviner can use Apexis crystals to reveal oil deposits beneath the earth.[3]


Level 100 daily Garrison Support quests reward anywhere from 800 to 1000 Apexis Crystals, and most level 100 rare mobs drop some as well. Additionally, fending off the weekly Garrison Invasion will also award some crystals.

Work orders around the garrison have a chance to grant crystals.

Dailies and zone objectives in Tanaan Jungle also award crystals.

As a quest objective

As part of the quest chain to acquire the legendary ring, Archmage Khadgar wants exactly 4,986 Apexis Crystals to empower the item level 640 ring into an item level 680 version in N [100] Draenor's Secret Power.

Once a week, players may trade in increasing amounts of Apexis Crystals to acquire a [Seal of Inevitable Fate], which awards one Bonus roll in Warlords 6.2 raid content, via the following weekly quests:

  1. N [100W] Sealing Fate: Apexis Crystals (1,000)
  2. N [100W] Sealing Fate: Heap of Apexis Crystals (2,000)
  3. N [100W] Sealing Fate: Mountain of Apexis Crystals (4,000)

Turn in to Fate-Twister Seress at [43.8, 88.5] in Stormshield or Fate-Twister Tiklal at [17.2, 56.4] in Warspear.

As currency


Trade in crystals to vendors at the faction capitals in Ashran: Stormshield and Warspear for the Alliance and Horde, respectively.

Apexis traders
Tier Alliance Horde
Base Dawn-Seeker Verroak [49.4, 61.3] Dawn-Seeker Jiklar [66.6, 62.9]
Exceptional Dawn-Seeker Vallar [49.8, 60.9] Dawn-Seeker Rikks [65.8, 64.7]
Flawless Dawn-Seeker Krek [50.2, 61.2] Dawn-Seeker Alkset [65.2, 64.5]
Cloth armor
Item Slot Cost
Windcrystal Hood Head 5,000Apexis Crystal
Windcrystal Bracers Wrist 3,000Apexis Crystal
Windcrystal Wraps Hands 4,000Apexis Crystal
Windcrystal Cord Waist 4,000Apexis Crystal
Windcrystal Leggings Legs 5,000Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Windcrystal Hood Head 1 Windcrystal Hood 11,500Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Windcrystal Bracers Wrist 1 Windcrystal Bracers 9,000Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Windcrystal Wraps Hands 1 Windcrystal Wraps 10,500Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Windcrystal Cord Waist 1 Windcrystal Cord 10,500Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Windcrystal Leggings Legs 1 Windcrystal Leggings 11,500Apexis Crystal
Flawless Windcrystal Hood Head 1 Exceptional Windcrystal Hood 20,000Apexis Crystal
Flawless Windcrystal Bracers Wrist 1 Exceptional Windcrystal Bracers 14,500Apexis Crystal
Flawless Windcrystal Wraps Hands 1 Exceptional Windcrystal Wraps 17,000Apexis Crystal
Flawless Windcrystal Cord Waist 1 Exceptional Windcrystal Cord 17,000Apexis Crystal
Flawless Windcrystal Leggings Legs 1 Exceptional Windcrystal Leggings 20,000Apexis Crystal
Leather armor
Item Slot Cost
Crystalhide Cowl Head 5,000Apexis Crystal
Crystalhide Bracers Wrist 3,000Apexis Crystal
Crystalhide Grips Hands 4,000Apexis Crystal
Crystalhide Belt Waist 4,000Apexis Crystal
Crystalhide Legguards Legs 5,000Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystalhide Cowl Head 1 Crystalhide Cowl 11,500Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystalhide Bracers Wrist 1 Crystalhide Bracers 9,000Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystalhide Grips Hands 1 Crystalhide Grips 10,500Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystalhide Belt Waist 1 Crystalhide Belt 10,500Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystalhide Legguards Legs 1 Crystalhide Legguards 11,500Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystalhide Cowl Head 1 Exceptional Crystalhide Cowl 20,000Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystalhide Bracers Wrist 1 Exceptional Crystalhide Bracers 14,500Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystalhide Grips Hands 1 Exceptional Crystalhide Grips 17,000Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystalhide Belt Waist 1 Exceptional Crystalhide Belt 17,000Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystalhide Legguards Legs 1 Exceptional Crystalhide Legguards 20,000Apexis Crystal
Mail armor
Item Slot Cost
Crystal-Leaf Helm Head 5,000Apexis Crystal
Crystal-Leaf Bracers Wrist 3,000Apexis Crystal
Crystal-Leaf Gloves Hands 4,000Apexis Crystal
Crystal-Leaf Chain Waist 4,000Apexis Crystal
Crystal-Leaf Legguards Legs 5,000Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Helm Head 1 Crystal-Leaf Helm 11,500Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Bracers Wrist 1 Crystal-Leaf Bracers 9,000Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Gloves Hands 1 Crystal-Leaf Gloves 10,500Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Chain Waist 1 Crystal-Leaf Chain 10,500Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Legguards Legs 1 Crystal-Leaf Legguards 11,500Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystal-Leaf Helm Head 1 Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Helm 20,000Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystal-Leaf Bracers Wrist 1 Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Bracers 14,500Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystal-Leaf Gloves Hands 1 Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Gloves 17,000Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystal-Leaf Chain Waist 1 Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Chain 17,000Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystal-Leaf Legguards Legs 1 Exceptional Crystal-Leaf Legguards 20,000Apexis Crystal
Plate armor
Item Slot Cost
Crystal-Plated Greathelm Head 5,000Apexis Crystal
Crystal-Plated Bracers Wrist 3,000Apexis Crystal
Crystal-Plated Gauntlets Hands 4,000Apexis Crystal
Crystal-Plated Greatbelt Waist 4,000Apexis Crystal
Crystal-Plated Legplates Legs 5,000Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystal-Plated Greathelm Head 1 Crystal-Plated Greathelm 11,500Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystal-Plated Bracers Wrist 1 Crystal-Plated Bracers 9,000Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystal-Plated Gauntlets Hands 1 Crystal-Plated Gauntlets 10,500Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystal-Plated Greatbelt Waist 1 Crystal-Plated Greatbelt 10,500Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystal-Plated Legplates Legs 1 Crystal-Plated Legplates 11,500Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystal-Plated Greathelm Head 1 Exceptional Crystal-Plated Greathelm 20,000Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystal-Plated Bracers Wrist 1 Exceptional Crystal-Plated Bracers 14,500Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystal-Plated Gauntlets Hands 1 Exceptional Crystal-Plated Gauntlets 17,000Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystal-Plated Greatbelt Waist 1 Exceptional Crystal-Plated Greatbelt 17,000Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystal-Plated Legplates Legs 1 Exceptional Crystal-Plated Legplates 20,000Apexis Crystal
Item Focus Cost
Crystal Reinforced Doomcloak Strength DPS 3,000Apexis Crystal
Crystal-Edged Bladecloak Agility DPS 3,000Apexis Crystal
Crystalclasp Stormcloak Intellect DPS 3,000Apexis Crystal
 [Refractory Heartcloak] Healing 3,000Apexis Crystal
Shard-Covered Dreadcloak Tanking 3,000Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystal Reinforced Doomcloak Strength DPS 1 Crystal Reinforced Doomcloak 9,000Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystal-Edged Bladecloak Agility DPS 1 Crystal-Edged Bladecloak 9,000Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Crystalclasp Stormcloak Intellect DPS 1 Crystalclasp Stormcloak 9,000Apexis Crystal
 [Exceptional Refractory Heartcloak] Healing 1 Refractory Heartcloak 9,000Apexis Crystal
Exceptional Shard-Covered Dreadcloak Tanking 1 Shard-Covered Dreadcloak 9,000Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystal Reinforced Doomcloak Strength DPS 1 Exceptional Crystal Reinforced Doomcloak 14,500Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystal-Edged Bladecloak Agility DPS 1 Exceptional Crystal-Edged Bladecloak 14,500Apexis Crystal
Flawless Crystalclasp Stormcloak Intellect DPS 1 Exceptional Crystalclasp Stormcloak 14,500Apexis Crystal
 [Flawless Refractory Heartcloak] Healing 1 Exceptional Refractory Heartcloak 14,500Apexis Crystal
Flawless Shard-Covered Dreadcloak Tanking 1 Exceptional Shard-Covered Dreadcloak 14,500Apexis Crystal

Reputation rewards

Most Draenor reputation factions sell a few items in exchange for Apexis Crystals:

Item type Cost
Elixirs 1Apexis Crystal
Toys 50Apexis Crystal
Companions 2,000Apexis Crystal
Mounts 5,000Apexis Crystal

See the Warlords of Draenor reputation rewards article for a full list.

Patch changes

  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.2.0 (2015-06-23): Cap removed.
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.1.0 (2015-02-24):
    • Characters can now accrue up to a maximum of 60,000 Apexis Crystals (up from 20,000).
    • Quality changed from Rare to Uncommon. There's been no change to the item's drop rate or availability.
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Added.


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