Apothecary Burch

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HordeApothecary Burch
Image of Apothecary Burch
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 10-50
Resource Mana
Reaction Horde
Occupation Apothecary
Location The Swift Vengeance, Tiragarde Sound
Status Killable

Apothecary Burch is a Forsaken located on the Swift Vengeance in Tiragarde Sound. He has a journal.


  • Ability creature disease 03.png  Blistering Concoction — Throws a disgusting potion at a player, inflicting 5 Shadow damage instantly, and then 2 Shadow damage every 3 sec for 15 sec.

Objective of


The prisoner is ours, traitor!
Sylvanas will... end you...

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