Apothecary Venustus

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HordeApothecary Venustus
Image of Apothecary Venustus
Title <Royal Apothecary Society>
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 17
Health 371
Mana 938
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Tranquillien, R.A.S.
Location Farstrider Enclave, Ghostlands [72, 31]
Status Active

Apothecary Venustus is a level 17 quest giver located at Farstrider Enclave in the blood elf territory of Ghostlands. He is affiliated with the Royal Apothecary Society.



Gossip text

I must say, you delivered my poison and dealt with those trolls most ruthlessly, <class>. You've got the makings of quite a talented young lady!

Gossip text if a troll
We really must perfect a way to deal with those smelly Shadowpine trolls.
Oh, no offense, <class>.
<The apothecary grins innocently and shrugs.>
After completing the quest
Apothecary Venustus cackles maniacally as he combies the two mixtures in his hands.
Drat! This  [Bloodthistle] extract doesn't seem to want to combine properly with my poison. I'll not be deterred - those trolls will be dealt with! Perhaps a different mixture?

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