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Image of Aquantion
Race Water Elemental (Elemental)
Level 13
Health 500
Mana 264
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Lake Elrendar; Ghostlands

Aquantion is a water elemental who was summoned and enslaved as a symbol of the dominion over water by the citizens of Suncrown Village. However, he somehow had a murloc aid him, and sabatoged the ritual which enabled him to break free, and consenquently attack the villagers. Geranis Whitemorn, a citizen of Suncrown Village who died in Aquantion's attack, returned to life as a ghost, rather than a wraith. He has members of the Horde who are willing to listen to him to complete the ritual and destroy Aquantion.[1] In battle, he uses waterbolt, a variation of [Frostbolt], and has a high frost resistance.

Objective of

H [13] Vanquishing Aquantion


  • Aqua is the Latin word for water.


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