Aqueous Reliquary

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  • Aqueous Reliquary
  • Binds when picked up
  • Use: Combine <9/18/36> Aqueous Reliquary to create the Essence Upgrade Item, which can be used to infuse your Heart of Azeroth with <essence>. Item created is based on your current loot specialization.
  • Requires Level 120

An Aqueous Reliquary drops from selected bosses of the Eternal Palace and is used to upgrade essences of the  [Heart of Azeroth]. Three essences are associated with the reliquary:


Reliquaries drop from the following boss encounters:

Difficulty Amount dropped
Raid Finder 1
Normal 2
Heroic 7
Mythic 12

Should players kill bosses on multiple difficulties, essences will drop up to the maximum difficulty cleared. For instance, should a player kill the Radiance of Azshara first on Raid Finder, then on Heroic, players will loot one Reliquary in Raid Finder, and then six will drop in Heroic, for a total of seven. Should players instead kill in the reverse order, all seven will drop on the heroic kill, and none will drop on lower difficulty levels.

Essence upgrade items

Rank Req. amt Tank Healer Damage
1 9  [Hardened Azerite Formation] Vitality Redistribution Lattice Animated Elemental Heart
2 18 Recrystalizing Azerite Formation Mesh of Expanding Vitality Pulsing Elemental Heart
3 36  [Tempered Azerite Formation] Grid of Bursting Vitality Resonating Elemental Heart

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