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Image of Aradne
Gender Female
Race Val'kyr (Humanoid)
Level 10 / 40 Elite
Health 8,070 / 10,318
Mana 3,820 / 1,283
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undercity
Location Deathknell Graves, Tirisfal Glades; Andorhal, Western Plaguelands
Status Killable

Aradne is a Val'kyr in service of Sylvanas Windrunner and the Forsaken.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Aradne along with Agatha, Arthura, and Daschla are sent to the Deathknell Graveyard in Tirisfal Glades to resurrect corpses and to try to convince them to serve The Banshee Queen. Aradne aids in giving giving the gift of "new life" to the the newly risen. The newly risen either accept to serve the Banshee Queen, kill themselves on the spot, or run away and turn into Mindless Zombie. Aradne stays behind and continues raising the dead when Agatha, Arthura, and Daschla are sent to Silverpine Forest.

During the Battle for Andorhal Sylvanas sheds her disguise of Lindsay Ravensun and calls forth a squadron of Val'kyr and appoints Aradne their commander. Following Sylvanas's command Aradne leads the Val'kyr and Forsaken in Andorhal against the Alliance and raises the slain Alliance human forces from the grave to reinforce the Forsaken war machine. This would see the Forsaken ultimately winning control of Andorhal, though Aradne was killed by Alliance adventurers.[1]


Aradne says: You are returned to life. The Banshee Queen asks for your service.
Aradne says: Rise from the grave and serve the Dark Lady!
Aradne says: Waken, sleeper. Your new life awaits.
Aradne says: Rise from death's slumber and join your brothers!
Aradne says: In the name of Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen, I bestow this gift upon you!


Risen Dead says: I never asked for this! Leave me alone!
Risen Dead enrages and transforms into a Mindless Zombie and runs away
Risen Dead says: What...what's happening to me? Why have you done this to me?
Risen Dead says: I should be dead and to death I will return!
Risen Dead commits suicide

Says one of these lines:

Risen Dead says: This is Lady Sylvanas's doing?
Risen Dead says: What magic is this that turns back the hand of death?
Risen Dead says: I... I don't remember... Why have you done this?
Risen Dead says: What use has the Dark lady for me?


Risen Dead says: If the Banshee Queen has offered me this chance, I will gladly serve.
Risen Dead walks off towards the barracks

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