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Image of Araga
Race Mountain lion (Beast)
Level 7-30 Rare
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Hillsbrad Foothills
Relative(s) Araga's Cub (mulitple)
Pet family Cat

Araga is a level 24 rare mob mountain lion found in the Hillsbrad Foothills. She used to have a unique appearance, with a slight mane and a striped tail.

Taming Araga

Considering her entirely unique appearance - she is the only cat with this skin - Araga is quite a prize for those hunters who love having special pets. However, Araga is one of the rarest cats in the game, if not the rarest, and as a result, probably the most difficult to find and tame. It can most likely be found around the Headland, Corrahn's Dagger and Gavin's Naze, where other unnamed mountain lions spawn.

Many hunters lament camping under Humar's tree waiting for him to respawn, but in fact, he's a cakewalk compared to Araga. Humar's respawn timer is 6–8 hours, while Araga's is 24–36 hours. Humar spawns in the exact same spot every time and does not move around, while Araga can spawn ANYWHERE in Hillsbrad Foothills where mountain lions are capable of spawning, and she wanders. Humar's tree is remote and most players not specifically looking for Humar will never go there... while Araga's most likely spawn locations are in high-traffic questing and traveling areas.

If you go to the green cliffs in southern Alterac and see her, consider yourself lucky, as there are a number of factors working against the chance of just happening across her. The chances of a player coming across Araga on their way to Dalaran (for example), noticing her rare spawn status, killing her for the heck of it, and leaving the area as if they were never there, is very high. Something like that can happen the moment Araga is spawned. For a hunter looking to tame Araga, there is nothing you can really do except camp the site as much as possible and don't give up.

The easiest way to get this pet, and many others, is to wait until there is a server restart, and wait for her around the time she would respawn - in Araga's case, 24–36 hours after the restart.


  • 36 - 49 Damage
  • 959 Armor
  • Tamable


Drops a randomly-enchanted uncommon item in the level range of 23 to 26.

Patch changes

Araga has mysteriously lost her tail stripes, making her look much more like a normal cougar. Blizzard explained that the stripes were a result of a graphical "anomaly".

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