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Arathi tribe

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The Arathi (pronounced Ah-RATH-ee)[1] were a tribe of humans led by the barbarian chieftain Thoradin who united many other human tribes and formed the empire of Arathor under his reign.[2] They built Strom in the modern Arathi Highlands as the capital city of the Arathor Empire.[3] The Arathi participated in the great Troll Wars, coming to the aid of the high elves of Quel'Thalas. The ancient Arathi were conquerors who recognized wisdom in extending cooperation, peace, and equality to the vanquished tribes.[4][5]

Following the fracturing of the Arathor Empire, many nobles, soldiers, and mages left the capital, which became known as Stromgarde. Those that left headed northwards and founded many other famous cities across the continent of Lordaeron. At the same time the heirs of Thoradin and descendants of the original Arathi tribe traveled south to found the kingdom of Stormwind.[6] One of the descendants of Thoradin, Faldir, became a leader of the expedition south. Having witnessed the gradual fracturing and collapse of the Arathorian Empire, with several of the Arathi city-states becoming independent kingdoms, Faldir led a group of his followers south across the sea, having heard rumors of a lush, unplumbed land where they could make a new beginning.[7]

The last known descendant of the Arathi bloodline was Lord Anduin Lothar who, like his ancestor Thoradin, was a great warrior and rose to lead the Alliance of Lordaeron in the Second War.[8] Settlements excepted, the remains of the common folk include the now-undead independent denizens of Stromgarde Keep, as well as the League of Arathor.



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