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Image of Araxxas
Gender Male
Race Jailer (Demon)
Level 100
Health 1,892,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Darkpens, Val'sharah [42.2, 46.2]
Status Killable

Araxxas is a jailer located in the Darkpens area of Ravencourt at Black Rook Hold in Val'sharah.


  • Basic melee
  • Inv archaeology ogres stone manacles.png  Shadow Manacles 30 yd range — The caster forms chains of shadow around the target immobilizing them and inflicting Shadow damage every 2 sec for 6 sec. 1.5 sec cast. Interruptible. Can be dispelled.
  • Spell misc zandalari council soulswap.png  Soul Prison 15 yd range — Traps a fragment of the target's soul preventing the target from being healed above 70% of their maximum health for 60 sec. Slaying the caster releases your spirit, canceling the effect. 3.5 sec cast. Interruptible.


  • Another prisoner for my cells? Looks like I'll need to break you first!
Master, I have failed you...


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