Arcane Feedback (quest)

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AllianceArcane Feedback

20 (Requires 20)





Night elf

It is time for you to return to Stormwind, young one. Your superiors there have called you back for more training. And although it disturbs me some, your race and mine are allies and I would not betray that.

I do not mean to be so coy with you--my distrust of arcane magics, be they divine inspired or not, is still strong within me.

You will know of what I speak after you return to your Cathedral of Light. Speak to High Priestess Laurena when you arrive.


As much as I'd like to show you our own special teachings of the Light, it is not our place. Your place is back in Stormwind with your own kind, <name>... for now. Believe me, I mean no offense. When you return to High Priestess Laurena in the Cathedral of Light you'll understand what I'm talking about--the time has come for your race to prepare you for the future; to separate yourself from others that follow a similar path.


We were forced to learn some magics to protect us from what is commonly called our greatest enemy: the arcane.

I would teach you a spell to help you defend yourself and your companions from those who would wield such power.


Spell: Spell shadow ritualofsacrifice.png Feedback

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