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Arcane Missiles (draenei)

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AllianceArcane Missiles

3 (Requires 3)




+250 Exodar


Learn Arcane Missiles from Valaatu. Find a Training Dummy on the northwest side of the Crash Site and practice using Arcane Missiles 2 times.


In your future as a mage, you'll be expected to master a wide variety of spells. In fact, I want to teach you one right now. It's called Arcane Missiles and it allows you to throw volleys of arcane energy at your opponent. However, you won't be able to use it all the time. Each time you cast a spell, there's a chance you'll trigger an opportunity to use the missiles.

I want you to try out this technique using the training dummies to the northwest of the Crash Site.



You've mastered the use of this new spell quickly, <name>. I only wish all of my students were as talented. Return to me when you find yourself in need of further training.


  1. A IconSmall Draenei Male.gifIconSmall Draenei Female.gif [1 - 60] You Survived!
  2. A [1 - 60] Replenishing the Healing Crystals
  3. Complete both of:
  4. A [4] Inoculation
  5. A [5] The Missing Scout
  6. A [4] The Blood Elves
  7. A [5] Blood Elf Spy
  8. A [5] The Emitter
  9. A [5] Travel to Azure Watch

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