Arcane Patroller

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MobArcane Patroller
Image of Arcane Patroller
Race Arcane Guardian (Elemental)
Level 5 - 6
Health 100 - 110
Mana 115 - 126
Wealth 6c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ruins of Silvermoon, Eversong Woods

Arcane Patrollers are hostile level 5-6 elementals found in the Ruins of Silvermoon in Eversong Woods. They guarded the city until an unexplained malfunction occurred, causing them to become hostile to their former masters, the blood elves.

In Year 25, when walking through the Walk of Elders, Liadrin noticed how the arcane patrollers were recovered and again present in the city. They were described as peacekeepers, defenders and sometimes public announcers.[1]

Objective of

Objective: Collect 6 [Arcane Core].



On aggro Arcane Patrollers will say one of these three lines:

"Uphold the law!"

"Protect the innocent!"

"Serve the public trust!"

It should be noted that these quotes are three of the four major objectives assigned to Robocop.

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