Arcane Torrent (mob)

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For the blood elf racial ability, see [Arcane Torrent].
MobArcane Torrent
Image of Arcane Torrent
Race Air elemental (Elemental)
Level 42 - 43 Elite
Health 17,094
Mana 5,524 - 5,728
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Prison of Immol'thar, Dire Maul

Arcane Torrent are found in the Prison of Immol'thar accompanied by Arcane Feedbacks.


  • Forked Lightning (Inflicts 525 to 675 Nature damage to enemies in a cone in front of the caster.)
  • Lightning Cloud (Creates a cloud of lightning that lasts 15 sec., blasting all enemies in a selected area for 28 to 32 Nature damage and inflicting 42 to 48 additional damage every 5 sec.)

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